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Why Off-Grid Is DifferentWhy Off-Grid Prepper Is Different

We do not sell emergency foods or emergency suppliers, as there are many other web sites where you can find these at reasonable prices and we offer free links to the best of them if that is what you want. However, being able to stay in your home after a disaster takes out your areas infrastructure, power lines, roads or bridges, means you need more than just a pantry full of food. You need power for emergency lighting; while you can always cook on a propane stove or wood fire you need power to keep meats, dairy products refrigerated unless everything you eat is powered! You also need power to keep the batteries in your cell phones, flashlights, laptop computers, and IPads, fully charged or you will quickly lose touch with the outside world and be able to track area repairs and emergency services. Finally, with a little more investment you can add enough solar power to operate most flat screen televisions, satellite receivers, internet routers, and some kitchen appliances that will make life much more bearable during these difficult times. That is what Off-Grid-Prepper offers, we can provide all kinds of low cost solar kits you can purchase and assembly yourself to save money, while knowing we select only the best solar products available. When buying a solar device for your emergency power needs, this is not the time to go with the cheapest you can find. Its like buying a fire detector or fire extinguisher, these emergency devices may be not be needed for years, but when they finally are needed, you want the peace of mind to know they will work flawlessly when that time finally does come. Let Off-Grid-Prepper's many years of experience in emergency preparedness guide you to this next step.



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