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Virginia's Off Grid Info Source

Off-Grid-Prepper offers both the person just getting into prepping
and the advanced prepper unique assistance in several areas not covered by
other prepper or solar type websites. Having over 40 years experience in
both emergency preparedness and solar system design, we can guide you
on the many ways to power the all those electrical and electronic devices
any emergency situation will require.
We offer training classes, instructions and books you can download,
solar-powered refrigerators and freezers, solar chargers for cell phones
and radios, backup solar power systems for emergency lighting and
household appliances, and all kinds of solar battery charging equipment. Our web site also includes links to some of the best suppliers we found for freeze-dried and emergency type foods, water storage, and battery-powered appliances. We assume you have already taken this first step in being prepared and started a food pantry and water storage, now let us take you to that next step in being able to power many critical devices you will need to remain in your home during an extended power outage and long after your generator ran out of fuel.